Characteristic phrase: Single Mode (M2 no more than 1.3), Highly Reliablity and Compact Design Technical characteristics: The industrial fiber laser series products independently developed and produced by our company have the advantages of high reliability, high stability, maintenance-free, and long life. They are compact in size, small in size and light in weight, bringing users a portable operating experience and great convenience. The adjustable power range of this series of products is 10% ~ 100%; the electro-optical conversion efficiency is higher than 35%; the modulation mode working frequency is 0~20 kHz, and the output port can be customized so that the needs from most applications can be met. Features: 1. High beam quality, high reliability, maintenance-free and long service life 2. Compact size, with obvious advantages when compared with products having the same power and volume 3. The output light spot is Gaussian or flat-top type. 4. The spectral wavelength can be customized. Applications: industrial applications Cutting | Welding | Cladding Melting| Scientific Research | High Power Multi-mode Beam Combination Parameters:

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power (w)


power range (%)


power stability (%)

≤ 1

center wavelength (nm)

1080 (customizable)



optical output port

15QBH or customized output

control port

RS232/AD mode

power supply

220V AC

running mode

continuous/modulation (modulation frequency 0~20kHz)

power consumption (kW)


beam quality M2


core size (um)

14/50 (customizable)

overall dimension (L * W * H,mm)

620 x 485 x 145

overall weight (kg)


working temperature (℃)