Regarding synthetic sapphire bearings and ruby bearings, their hardness and ability can accept a high polish. They are recognized universally as the ideal jewel bearing material for instruments, meters, control devices and other precision mechanisms where low friction bearings, long life, and dimensional accuracy are needed. Ranking next to diamond in hardness, synthetic sapphire is identical in chemical composition to natural sapphire but is a far superior jewel bearing material because impurities and flaws are eliminated. Jewel bearings are used in a range of industrial applications.

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applications including but not limited to:

Accurate chronographs

Auto-memorizing apparatus


Flow meters






Jewel bearing

Cup Jewel/Vee Jewel/Cap Jewel End Stone/Ring Jewel/Thin Ring Jewel

Orifice Jewels

Fluid Nozzle/Water Jet Orifice/Cup Orifice/Straight Hole Orifice/Double Hole Orifice/Special Fluid Nozzle

/Micro Hole Orifice/Single Vee Shaped Guide/Dual Vee Shaped Guide


Olive Hole Jewels

Olive Hole Jewel/Cup Shaped Olive Hole Jewel/Cup Shaped Domed Olive Hole Jewel/Double Side/Chamfered Olive Hole Jewel